Vasen Road


I had a chance to play Vasen Road this week. It’s a Danish freeform tabletop one-shot scenario by Mikkel B√¶kgaard. Tayler Stokes ran and hosted, and Jon, Pip, Kathy, and I played.

I almost didn’t play this. Just reading the synopsis, I was pretty squicked out. The game is set in a remote rural area of Denmark. The premise of the game is that something horrible has happened or is happening, and whatever it is is literally unspeakable. As in, it never appears “on camera,” and we aren’t even allowed to objectively know what it is. Instead, the game focuses on a decidedly fucked-up domestic dynamic, on the poltergeist that is trying to tell people something, on the hapless neighbors who peripherally contact this situation. It’s pretty strongly implied the unspeakable might be child abuse, domestic violence, or homicide, but you never get to know for certain what it is. Like ugh that sounds like a recipe for unfun. But I felt pretty comfortable with the discretion of the other players so I gave it a shot.

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